Design Master TintIT professional spray

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Design Master TintIT professional spray

Product Description

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Get ready for your color creativity to flourish!  TintIT.™ multi-use transparent dye offers options to fabricate color from just one can!  Spray vibrant, sheer color on raw, painted or pre-finished items without hiding surface details. Control how you change color – TINT It. LAYER It. BLEND It.  Tint white surfaces the spray color.   Layer coats of spray to intensify color.  Or, Blend the spray and surface colors.

Easily apply an even coat of color or spritz color highlights.  Use a little or a lot!  Dries in just a few minutes to a satin finish.  TintIT. is available in eight bright sheers plus two special effect hues.  Gold Shimmer applies a soft glistening gold finish to most surfaces.  Sepia instantly tones items in sheer, warm, antique brown.

Tint IT.™ is ideal for paper crafts, mixed media, floral design and general crafting.  It will not smear when moistened, nor curl or warp paper.  It’s acid free and non-toxic when dry.  Recoat at any time. Colorize coated and uncoated paper stock, chipboard, canvas and Styrofoam™ brand foam.  Stain wood.  Dye fresh and silk flowers, no pile fabrics, trims and much more.  Color glass and ceramics in a sheer tinted glaze.

  • fast drying
  • sheer color
  • surface details remain with addition of color
  • a light application tints a surface, additional coats deepen the color
  • you control how much color you want
  • easy ombre color technique
  • blend spray and surface colors creating a new hue
  • apply evenly or spritz for accents
  • satin finish
  • recoat at any time
  • tint most any surface
  • stain wood
  • dye fabrics and fabric trims
  • glaze glass and ceramics
  • safe on all types of paper


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