Vliesofix Bondaweb web adhesive 90cm wide

$12.95 AUD

Vliesofix Bondaweb web adhesive 90cm wide

Product Description


Bondaweb® is a web adhesive on paper. The paper supports the web while drawing as well as ironing. With Bondaweb®, different materials and fabrics can be fused together by ironing, very easily. Bondaweb® is ideal for fancy appliqués and textile handicrafts in all forms and colours as well as for repairs. With Bondaweb® you can let your creative streak run wild!

Create your own individual design, PAINT the adhesive side of Bondaweb® with acrylic paint, and then let it dry well. Place the adhesive side of Bondaweb® on the right side of the fabric and iron it on from the paper side. Afterwards let everything cool down well. Carefully pull off the base paper of Bondaweb®. Note, the painted side always has to be covered with baking paper if it is to be re-ironed afterwards.

For almost all fabrics, raffia, cardboard and, at lower temperatures, also for leather


Double-sided adhesive
Accurate appliques
No shifting when zigzag-stichting

Method of use:

1. Draw the motif on the paper side of Bondaweb®. Cut out roughly.

2. Place Bondaweb® with the rough side on the wrong side of the fabric. Iron dry for 5 seconds.

3. Cut the motif out precisely, remove paper backing. With the coated side down place on the fabric.

4. With a damp cloth lightly iron each area for about 10 seconds.

5. To complete a process, stitch the application with a zig-zag stitch. For additional stability, place Stitch-n-Tear underneath when needed.


Please note: Most vendors sell 30cm wide Vliesofix. We sell 90cm wide!

Price is per 1m x 90cm. Vliesofix will be sent in an envelope. If required, 30m roll can be supplied. Please enquire for price. 

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