Design Master Just for Flowers sprays

$27.95 AUD

Design Master Just for Flowers sprays

Product Description

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Just For Flowers is transparent flower dye in a convenient spray application.  It instantly colors any flower without concealing the blossom’s delicate features.  Fresh, silk and dried flowers become infused with a natural impression of color.

Just For Flowers’ transparent nature allows underlying color to visually interact with the dye color.  Change a basic white blossom to a dye color or blend and accent hues on colored blossoms.

  • ultra-fast drying
  • transparent color
  • doesn’t hide blossom details
  • natural looking addition of color
  • use on all types of flowers including fresh
  • enhances fresh flower life – slows down evaporation of moisture  through petals
  • match or coordinate colors
  • enliven blossoms with more brilliance
  • shift colors to neighboring hues
  • ideal for wedding and home decor designs
  • excellent on satin, sheer and lace ribbons and fabric wedding accessories
  • modified lacquer-based spray
  • recoat at any time

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