Design Master COLORTOOL professional sprays

$27.95 AUD

Design Master COLORTOOL professional sprays

Product Description

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COLORTOOL Sprays are versatile, fast-drying color delicate enough for use on fresh flowers, yet sturdy enough for all sorts of surfaces. An ultra-fine mist provides smooth application plus opportunity to create color infused patinas by layering colors or using simple techniques.

Over 50 classic and trend colors to choose – including 4 classic metallic hues: Antique Gold, Brilliant Gold, Brilliant Silver and Copper.

  • ultra-fast drying
  • clean, crisp color
  • dries to a beautiful satin sheen
  • one light coat adds a translucency of color
  • 2-3 light coats provides complete coverage of surfaces
  • safe application on fresh flowers and Styrofoam brand foam
  • use colors alone or in combination
  • simple techniques for unique finishes
  • pigmented, lacquer-based spray
  • recoat at any time 

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